(Current & Past)

  • Acapella – Create and share multi-part acapella singing videos on mobile.
  • Amanotes – Vietnam-based mobile gaming app publisher
  • Ambient.FM – Ireland-based background music service.
  • Ampsy (formerly, Fliptu) – Hyper-local social content monitoring platform.
  • Audiu – Online music creator community and professional feedback.
  • Baserock – Wearable technology that allows you to physically feel music
  • Beatshare – P2P music-based communications mobile app
  • DreamTuner – Independent music community and streaming service.
  • Featuring.Me – Fan engagement and D2F music service.
  • Hangwith – Live broadcast video app
  • Ignite Teaching – Student collaboration platform with teacher analytics.
  • IndieOn – Blockchain-based music and media platform.
  • Language Zen – Language-learning platform.
  • Mash Music – Music creation and collaboration app
  • Music Sound US – US music company of composer Mamdouh Saif.
  • mydiveo – Online talent discovery & collaboration platform
  • New Prowess – Mobile application developer of music retail and merch app
  • One Man Band – Music production app.
  • OneSound – OneSound is an app that lets everyone at an event be the DJ.
  • PhotoPanda – PhotoPanda separates out your good photos from the rest
  • PicPlayPost – Multimedia collage creator mobile app
  • Platformz – Search from music across multiple platforms.
  • PlayItNow – Real-time music request app for DJs and party goers.
  • RepostExchange – Networking platform for growing an artist’s fanbase
  • Repost Network – Music aggregator and Soundcloud/YouTube MCN.
  • RoadNation – Tour crowdfunding platform for Artists & Bands
  • RoyaltyClaim – Unclaimed Royalties & Music License Search platform
  • Sonabos – Device that takes over DJ set performance during audio outage.
  • Sonzia – Accessible touch-screen tech for individuals with autism.
  • Stryve – On-demand fitness platform
  • Tickethackr – Innovating “off market” ticketing platform.
  • TryTracks – Online music collaboration platform.
  • TunePort – Direct-to-fan music sales platform.
  • Weeshing – Crowdfunding platform for Bands & Concerts
  • Wego Concerts – Social live music app that helps you discover people who share your taste in music.


Dae has been very helpful in providing advice and research to help Beatshare understand and navigate the complex area of music licensing. We are grateful for Dae's expertise and will be reaching out to him again for assistance as needed.

Barry LiebermanCo-founder & President of Beat Share

Dae was essential in the start of our business to help navigate the waters of the publishing world to assure we had what we needed as a music start-up, he provided great insight as to steps we should take while also providing real-time direct contacts with various researched companies for what we needed. I recommend his consultation in any stage of your company's development from ideation to help during ongoing growth and scale to your business.

Roslynn CobarrubiasCo-founder & CMO of mydiveo

I've worked with Dae on multiple projects and all I can say is - He really knows his stuff. From discussing music, talent, marketing activation proposals, new product concepts or even "shoes", Dae has proven time and time again that he is on the pulse of whats going on. He is always well-prepared, his analysis is very thorough, his deliverables are always on time and is absolutely a trusted partner. I will sign up to work with Dae again in a heartbeat.

Danny VinhCo-founder & VP or Marketing of Mixcord

We're a new start-up in the fitness space and we needed help understanding how to integrate music into our app. Dae was very helpful in navigating the complicated industry of music for us. He has a ton of knowledge and data in the space and got us towards a decision on how to move forward pretty quickly.

Akshay AhoojaCo-founder & CEO of Stryve